My Profiles

These are links to the other profiles I have.
Model Mayhem
My Model Mayhem profile.
Deviant Art
This is my Deviant Art profile which I haven't really used much for years now but I might get back to it.


These are links to model profiles on Model Mayhem and/or other modelling sites.
Holly Stone
Holly's Purple Port profile.
Holly Stone
Holly's Model Mayhem profile.
Ruby True
Ruby's Model Mayhem profile.
Brett Shannen Deadman
Brett's Model Mayhem profile.
Lucy/Evelien Cascada
Lucy's Model Mayhem profile.

Photography Resources

These are links to photography resource sites.
The best photography resource on the web. I have an ePHOTOzine portfolio. My user name is 'xanda'.
If you like this website why not get one of your own?
Ken Rockwell
Very useful and often very entertaining site, even when the guy is just plain wrong.
We Dream of Ice Cream
An inspirational blog for artists. Totally awesome. Thanks Sophie!


These are links to other photographers' sites.
My wife Jean's website which features poetry, poetry for kids, photos and samples of illustrated poems.

Other sites

Links to other sites.
Dark Angel
Theatrical and alternative style clothing. Extraordinarily beautiful designs made to a very high standard. Highly recommended!
Folke Lindenblatt
Website featuring artwork by my friend, Folke, who has now moved back to Germany :(
Everything Experimental Writing
Site dedicated to experimental writing.